Lisa Dacres

Communications Associate

Lisa Dacres

Telephone: 704-940-7391

I’ve always had a passion for the arts, from visual to performing. I enjoy putting my creativity to work and experiencing the world through the eyes of other people. When I am not working for THM you can usually find me at an art or music festival.

I’ve recently became a plant mom, so I enjoy learning and taking care of my four plant babies. One of my favorite quotes is from actor and martial artist, Bruce Lee: “Running water never grows stale. So you just have to keep on flowing.” Pliability is life and rigidity is death. I think it’s important for everyone to be flexible and spontaneous in this ever-changing world.

Fun Facts:

  • Most thankful for: Health and a peace of mind
  • Favorite book of 2019: Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (for the second time)
  • Favorite movie of 2019: The Lion King (It’s not out yet, but I’m pretty sure it will be a favorite)
  • Favorite vacation of 2018: Brooklyn, NY
  • Dog or cat person? Dog!