Administrative Assistant for Account Services

Renee Schneider

Telephone: 704-365-3622 ext.100

A native of New Jersey, I have now spent “almost” half my life in South Carolina. I graduated here from Winthrop University, we raised our two boys here, and have a church family here. Although I have fond memories of growing up in New Jersey and miss my family who is still there, South Carolina has become our home.

Throughout most of my working years, I was the assistant to one or more of the executives in the corporations where I was employed. THM has brought about many changes, new experiences, and challenges. Every day is different and I welcome the new opportunities that are presented.

Fun Facts:

  • Most thankful for: Thankful for my family and good health.  The older I get, I realize more and more how important both really are.
  • Favorite vacation of 2015: Women’s World Cup Finals in Vancouver
  • Dog or cat person? Dog person, but with the addition of a kitten in 2015 (who absolutely loves me), I’m now a cat person as well!