Database Associate

Sarah Pedraza

Telephone: 704-940-1714

My career has been spent developing skills in a variety of industries. I have spent time working in the HVAC industry, for a personal injury law firm, an auto center, as well as teaching knitting and cross stitch lessons. I believe that my customer service experience and my love for learning allows me to serve my team and our wonderful clients’ needs!

Like my experience, my interests are a bit diverse! I love going to rock concerts, playing video games with my husband, baking, reading, and cross stitching. We are quite the nerd family as we enjoy going to comic conventions and Disney World with our 2 boys. One thing that my Granny from Canada taught me is nothing can repair a bad day better than a good cup of Earl Grey! As the British say, “Keep calm and carry on”. But it doesn’t hurt to have a good cup of tea in the process!

Fun Facts:

  • Most thankful for: My husband, our 2 boys, and our cat Merlin!
  • Favorite book of 2019: Shadowfires by Dean Koontz
  • Favorite movie of 2018: Infinity War
  • Favorite vacations: Disney World and Bogota, Colombia
  • Dog or cat person? Cat