Director of Creative Services

Scott Williams

Telephone: 704-940-7396

Since joining THM in the fall of 1994, Scott has operated in most facets of association management, including membership services, meeting planning, and account management. In his current role as director of creative services, he oversees the print, electronic and web communications for both the company and for the clients THM represents.

Scott is a member of the Association Society of Association Executives and a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Fun Facts:

  • Most thankful for: Family, friends and electric guitars
  • Favorite book of 2022: Modern Classics: The Great Cars of the Postwar Era by Rich Taylor
  • Favorite vacation of 2022: Philmont Scout Ranch with my oldest son, Noah
  • Favorite album of 2022: I Walked With You a Ways by Plains
  • Dog or cat person? I pretty much fall in love with whatever creature my wife and two boys bring into the house.
Williams Family