Communications Associate

Tyler Duratny

Telephone: 704-940-1720

Tyler moved to the Charlotte area from Southern California in 2015 as a freshman in high school. At 16, he started graphic designing for a few of the sports teams at his high school, which quickly branched to finding clients in other sports teams, the music industry and other various companies.

Especially in a creative capacity, Tyler is always seeking to learn new things. Graphic design/web design/marketing is not just a "job" for him. Most of his free time outside of work is dedicated to researching, studying and practicing his craft.

Tyler is the middle child between an older brother and younger sister. He just recently became an uncle in December 2021 and cannot wait to spoil the heck out of his niece as she gets older.

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Activity: Attending sports events, playing basketball
  • Favorite TV Show: Daredevil (2015-18)
  • Favorite Music Artists: Lil Wayne and 50 Cent have been on repeat this year for me.
  • Favorite Vacation Destination: The Outer Banks or Washington D.C.